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Free Social Bookmarking site has huge link juice if your site is added here definitely it will transfer link juice to your site and help in ranking, according new google update you don’t need to search do follow and no follow sbm sites as google want natural backlinnk.

It’s my own experience, I thought, ranking depend on do follow backlink , but I was wrong , and started to build do follow backlinks in huge quantity after some time google banned site.

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Helps You Go Viral

You might have used a lot of codes to increase the SEO of your blog. While some may find success in this technique, there is a lot that you often lose out on.

Increase Traffic

Once your blog goes viral on social media thanks to Social Bookmarking, you will see an increase in traffic. Make sure that you don’t stop at posting your bookmarks on one site.

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With Social Bookmarking, you get targeted traffic. When you get the targeted customers, you automatically help your brand grow. Once the new users find your blog appealing, they will subscribe to it.

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Social Bookmarking is a convenient way to build one-way links. Bookmarking sites have a positive impact on the ranking of the bookmarked sites.

Increase Ranking

Increase the page rank of any website is the most valuable factor. Every website or blog requires proper SEO techniques to get huge organic traffic and more conversions.

Help in crawling

Help in crawling for new published content when you share those content on SBM sites. Help to Decrease bounce rate & get relevant Traffic by sharing content